HEY EVERYONE! Issue no. 2 of the Co. H zine SPIT is now here! This issue is to commemorate/ coincide with/ supplement/ expand upon our upcoming council show Co. H Presents: Seven Types of Play, opening at the the Watkins Arcade Gallery this Saturday! CHECK IT OUT

  2. CO. H and the upcoming Seven Types of Play show featured on the Nashville Scene! Thanks for the coverage folks!

    One of the best things about the downtown art crawl is its built-in audience. That’s also the worst part — no matter how mediocre the horse paintings or scrap-metal sculptures are, put it in a gallery on the first Saturday of the month and somebody’s going to show up to look at it. But back to the good: An eager, interested audience is exactly what the doctor ordered for burgeoning artists wanting to test the boundaries of their practice. So Watkins’ WAG (an acronym for Watkins Arcade Gallery) is a perfect venue for experimenting with an art audience, and Co. H, the artist collective that was founded there in 2011, has a plan to use that to its advantage.”

    Check out the full article here: 


  3. companyh:

    Co. H is putting together a showcase of video work and we’re now accepting submissions! All content welcome but must be under 10 minutes. Exact location TBA but we’re planning on hosting it outdoors, projected onto a large screen or even the side of a building. Above is the poster we’ve created with all the necessary info, dates, etc. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!

    In light of some feedback, we have extended the max length of video submissions to 10 minutes! Deadline is the end of March, so get to sending videos our way!

  4. Company H. and Watkins College of Art, Design & Film present:

    Seven Types of Play
    April 5th, 6-9pm, at WAG in the Arcade
    Nashville Art Crawl

    The show’s concept was guided by notion of “play,” specifically through the National Institute for Play’s delineation of seven distinct types: Attunement, Body, Object, Social, Imaginative, Narrative and Transformative. With each artist creating within one type of play, rules operated in place of theme as a structuring element and built continuity through the very act of making.

    The seven participating artists, all council members of Co. H, are:
    • Mika Agari (Fine Art), object play 
    • David Anderson (Fine Art), transformative play 
    • Aaron Harper (Fine Art), imaginative play 
    • Blake Holland (The Film School), narrative play 
    • Zack Rafuls (Fine Art), attunement play 
    • Alexine Rioux (Fine Art), body play 
    • Kayla Saito (Fine Art), social play.

    Work will include drawing, painting, video, digital prints, sculpture, performance and social practice.

    Check out the write up over at the Nashville Scene.
    Feel free to check out the Facebook event page.
    And for more info

    event poster designed by Holly Carden

  5. Co. H is putting together a showcase of video work and we’re now accepting submissions! All content welcome but must be under 10 minutes. Exact location TBA but we’re planning on hosting it outdoors, projected onto a large screen or even the side of a building. Above is the poster we’ve created with all the necessary info, dates, etc. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!

  6. Fred Madison receives a message from an unknown man on the intercom of the front door of his house saying, “Dick Laurent is dead.” When he looks out his window the streets outside his house are empty and faint police sirens are heard in the distance…

    Come join us for our first movie night of the semester! We’ll be screening David Lynch’s nightmare LOST HIGHWAY. Let’s get scarred/scared together.

  7. SPIT no.1
    The first issue of Company H.’s zine, SPIT, is now out! Click the cover photo to take a look through the full zine and hit us up for a physical copy!

    Featuring work from:  

    David Anderson

    Mika Agari

    Aaron Harper

    Blake Holland

    Alexine Rioux

    Kayla Saito

    Benjamin Anderson

    Zack Rafuls

    Michael Hampton

  11. OOMFF + Future Night 
    Future Night is a bi-monthly art and music showcase emphasizing progressive musical acts and mixed media art installations. THIS IS THE LAST ONE OF THIS YEAR! AND A SERIOUSLY BADASS ONE AT THAT! Thanks to everyone who has participated thus far. This time around is going to be an incredible way to send the year off. Come out and see Nashville’s quirky underbelly!
    Company H. will be showing footage from OOMFF #1!

    $5. BYOB. 919 Gallatin Ave. You can park at Hairworld next door because the lot in front of Boheme gets crowded! Look for the sign with a giant finger pointing the way! See you there!


    9:00- Dylan Ethier

    9:45- Chalaxy

    10:30- Nudity


  12. OOMFF #2: Verb Play


    1a.mSUNDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 2013, Shelby Street Bridge


    • Each participant is encouraged bring two up to 2 tools. You must be able to hold one in each hand. Each object must function as a tool of subtraction or addition. 
    • Each participant will be given a short list of rules at the location. Aspects of these rules are inspired by Richard Serra’s Verb List, 1967-1968. Participants must follow these rules to the best of their ability during the happening. 
    • Materials will be provided by Company H. Participants are encouraged to utilize the materials given to complete multiple aspects of play. 
    • Because of the nature of the event, the exact product of our collaboration remains unknown. However, our general objective is to create a temporary performative sculpture that exists in the environment given. 

    The location will be on the Shelby Street Bridge in downtown Nashville. You can park in the spaces for the Cumberland Park, located next to LP Field. Refreshments will be provided.


    It’s time for OOMFF #2!

  13. This Wednesday, November 13th, Company H. will be hosting another movie night.

    This week we’ll be showing TULPAN. Come out and join us for a film (and free pizza!) in Watkin’s 500 theater at 9:00pm. All you have to do is show up.

    Hope to see you there!


  14. STUDENT CRITIQUE, Oct. 30th

    Hello, everyone!

    Are you currently working on anything outside of a class that you want some feedback on? Do you need additional feedback on work for a class? Would you like to engage in discussion about your personal work or the work of your peers? Any ideas for potential work that you would like to talk about?!

    Then join us this Wednesday night for a student critique!

    We will be meeting in the node at 9 PM and there will be pizza and drinks provided. Slots of time will be allotted based on the number of students who show up so that everyone gets an opportunity to show their work. 

    Just have your work ready to go! For paintings/drawings/photographs or any other 2D work, have it hung up on a wall space or in your studio. For 3-D works, we’ll critique in the node (although this space could change). We’ll also have a projector available to display video and other time based media.

    Should you have any questions about the critique, just email company@watkins.edu.

    Next week we’ll be having another movie night, and a social happening is on its way… Check back in sooooon for more info.

  15. We will be screening the Tetsuo: Iron Man this Wednesday night (sept. 25) in the 500 theatre at Watkins. 9 PM.

    The movie is a Japanese Horror/Sci-Fi directed by Shinya Tsukamoto. Stay for a quick re-cap and discussion about what you saw after the film!

    A strange man known only as the “metal fetishist”, who seems to have an insane compulsion to stick scrap metal into his body, is hit and possibly killed by a Japanese “salaryman,” out for a drive with his girlfriend.
    The salaryman then notices that he is being slowly overtaken by some kind of disease that is turning his body into scrap metal, and that his nemesis is not in fact dead but is somehow masterminding and guiding his rage and frustration-fueled transformation.